A lot of people ask me what is Digital Painting?

I still use the same tools that I would use to paint a traditional artwork, and it still takes me the same amount of time
to complete.  


I use digital tech; paints, brushes and canvas in photoshop, using my iPad & computer, and apple pencil/tablet. My iPad is like my digital sketch book, I love it and can create anywhere!  

The perks of Digital Art is that I can easily Customise existing works to suit different Interior Preferences i.e. Element Adjustments, Colours, Sizes and Shapes, making each artwork Custom in it's own way!



All of my art products are printed 100% locally in New Zealand,
and are printed using high quality archival and UV inks, that protect the ink from discolouring/fading from the sun quickly.


Every art product is quality checked before dispatching and also retains my hand written signature on the back of Canvas's along with the limited edition number.

A protective water resistant varnish is also applied onto the canvas print, for that extra long Lasting Effect.

Art Products: Metal /Canvas/ Acrylic / Archival Paper

Ft. Glow in the dark Elements

For that Extra Customised
& Traditional Look and Feel

I further customise my canvas prints by applying  acrylic paint on top of the birds to define the feathers and make the main focal points of the picture pop out.


I also use glow in the dark paint, on selected artworks, with white highlights i.e. white flowers for that extra magical effect.

Funnily enough, I initially used paint over top of my Canvas Prints to tweak subtle errors but then discovered that this could become a new trend, which was soon proven to be popular.

More than half of my audience prefer the paint overlay optional extra as it adds more value to the artwork. Each artwork is customised uniquely, still retaining the artist touch.