FERN - Splashback

Bring your indoor wetrooms to life! Ideal for kitchen, bathroom and laundry!




Three splashback options to choose from:

1. DIY glass splashback; standard sizing supply only (NZ only)

- 750H x 600W

- 750H x 900W

- 750H x 1,500W

2. Custom Glass Splashback; size made to fit your space (Worldwide)

3. DIY Vinyl Splashback; Waterproof and heat resistant decal (Worldwide)


*You must fill out the online form for the custom options 2 and 3 here

or email me directly at alanamayscreations@outlook.com for a quote.

Pricing and material varies internationally!


Option 1: DIY standard glass splashbacks come in 3 pre-cut sizes, plus includes a neutral cured silicone to paste the splashback onto the wall yourself.

*If the incorrect silicone type is used, there may be damages caused to the back paint of the glass and this will NOT be covered under warranty. This option only applies to NZ, however similar sizing can be ordered internationally. 


Option 2: Custom sizing glass splashbacks are made to fit your exsisting space perfectly! The chosen artwork will be altered to your desire (size, colour, eliminate or add existing elements) to fit your space using the measurement provided by you. Site measurement and installation fees apply and are priced based on your location/city (Distrubutors are almost in every city across NZ)

$1445 per sqm (inc shipping)


Option 3: DIY Vinyl splashback decals (material not glass)

The artwork is printed on to an easy-apply gloss laminated vinyl which is heat resistant and waterproof. It's a more efficient and budget friendly option, that allows you to stick a decal easily overtop of an exsisting old glass splashback or directly to the wall. 

The minimum charge is $295 per sqm (inc Shipping)


Supply only Process (Standard glass sizing):

Order straight from cart or directly through me if theres custom requirements i.e. powerpoint cut out  > Quote approval if necessary > Order is placed > Manufacture splashback, approx 5 working days > Splashback dispatched to your delivery address of choice or if you wish to pick up from a distributor, (which are all around NZ) this can be organised!