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Love Scent

'Butterflies or moths that fly at night flirt with each other by releasing a scent to communicate with each other. They release specific pheromones to attract the right mate'.


Metal - for Outdoors or Wet Rooms

Limited edition out of 50

Other Material Options: Canvas in Floating Frame / A3 size Matte Archival print / Stretched Canvas (ready to hang)


Other materials are optional on request i.e. Glass, Wood or Acrylic (looks like glass but less fragile), just ask.

Love Scent - Outdoor Art

PriceFrom $155.00
  • Ideal for Outdoors or Indoor Wet Rooms.

    Ideal for Outdoors or Indoors

    1. Made from Alumnium Metal which doesn't rust.
    2. Strong secure backing to withstand the harsh weather conditions. The backing can also either be screwed into the wall or the backing rail can rest on a command hook - if you prefer to place your artwork indoors.
    3. I recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight, to prevent discolor, so that you can treasure your artwork forever!

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