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Hello, I’m Alana a mixed-medium visual artist for Outdoor and Indoor Artwork, based in Carterton, the Wairarapa.

The vision for my artwork is to evoke a sense of happiness and healing in the viewer by allowing them to escape to a beautiful therapeutic place.

For the past 4 years, my focus has been primarily painting New Zealand native fauna, birds and landscapes. 

I choose to work with this combination of subject matters due to the beauty and graceful nature of birds that represent freedom and praise as they rejoice when they sing.

I would describe my style as being mystical realism. I still place my subject matter in it’s natural environment; however, the atmosphere is too perfect to be real, giving that mystical sense to my artwork.

I aim to show creation off at its finest, as though it was the ‘Garden of Eden’ before the fall, where there was perfect harmony, joy, and no decay or predators. 

A lot of my ideas stem from biblical references. I subtly weave the themes of rejoice, peace, love, harmony, beauty, and royalty into my artworks and title names.

Read the article about my artwork, written from Habitat by Resene here

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