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The Party
Comes to You.

Paint at the comfort of your own home.

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Paint & Pour Private Parties

You pick the art theme and venue and I'll come to you and your crew. This is a social paint class which is a fun way to celebrate any occasion; Hens parties, Birthdays, or any team event. Relax, snack and sip wine while I guide you through your masterpiece and I'll ensure you that you will be proud of your artwork.

The minimum amount of people required is 6 and the maximum is 25 depending on the size of your chosen space.

The base price is $75ea or $70ea of a party of 10+ or $65ea for a party of 18+ (T&C's apply).

*Bear in mind that the price will differ if you are outside of Carterton/ Wairarapa.

*You are required to provide your own snacks and drinks unless your chosen venue is at a restaurant/cafe.

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Collaboration Parties

Imagine a team event where everyone comes together to create a stunning masterpiece. Unlike individual Paint 'n Pour Parties, the whole team collaborates on one artwork.


This collective creation can be gifted to the Baby Mother, Bride, or Birthday Girl, or used to beautify a collaborative space, whether at work or for a charity.

With my guidance, and demonstration techniques, the art will result in a masterpiece that will be cherished by all.​There will be a minimum charge for this collaborative event, which will vary depending on the size of the canvas chosen.


Follow the parties on Instagram to see what we’re painting ‘n pouring up next.

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