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Relax in your outdoor spa/pool while you gaze at this beauty or enhance your garden, entertainment area or outdoor entranceway with a statement piece.  


Euphoric Kings

Three happy kings dwell in their euphoric wetland.


  • Outdoor or Indoor Art
  • Acrylic paint on treated wood
  • Satin finish (multiple coats for longevity)
  • 100cm diameter
  • Secure mounting bracket

  • Longevity in direct sun (Or if you want to treasure your artwork for a lifetime, I recommend placing them in a shaded spot out of direct sunlight)

*This artwork will not be reproduced, it will remain a one-off-unique original.

*All artworks can be viewed in person at my Masteton studio by appointment. Get in touch

*Custom artwork is available. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Euphoric Kings - Outdoor art

SKU: KForiginal
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